Welcome to Scale Aeroproducts

Thanks for visiting our website. We strive to provide a range of quality kits and accessories for every modelling enthusiast. Whether it’s large scale warbirds, gliders or vintage free flight, our products will continue to expand as we meet the needs of you, the modeller.

Unlike the short kits our competitors provide, here at Scale Aeroproducts we produce kits which include far more than just ribs and formers. The content of each kit varies and we provide wing tips, leading and trailing edges, mounting hardware as well as specific components depending on the prototype. For example, dive brakes, hinges, canopy frames etc are some of the additions to our kits. Due to this our prices are competitive, however if you wish to understand what a particular kit includes, please email us for more information.

At Scale Aeroproducts, we don’t just produce kits, we build and fly a range of large scale warbirds as well. Below you can see some current projects we have flying or recently completed.